Tjuringa Talara 10

Tjuringa Talara 10

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Meaning: In the Yugambeh language, 'Tjuringa' means sacred object or stone, often used in ceremonies to mark significant transitions and teachings. 'Talara' translates to 'Season,' capturing the essence of change and cyclical continuity in nature.

Brad Turner’s "Tjuringa Talara Collection" is an artistic voyage through the seamless transition from the warmth of Nungalgiri (Summer) to the introspective chill of Winter. This collection is a tribute to the adaptive genius of Australia’s First Nations people, highlighting their profound connection with the changing seasons and their mastery in harmonising with nature's rhythms.

The color palette—peach, white, umber, lilac, purple, beige, and opal—reflects the visual journey from the vibrant life of summer to the subdued and introspective hues of winter. These colors weave together the narrative of survival, adaptation, and the beauty found in the ebb and flow of life.

In this collection, each piece serves as a Tjuringa—a sacred conduit through which ancestral wisdom and stories are passed from one generation to the next. The artworks reflect the ingenious ways in which the Aboriginal communities would prepare for the cold months, from conserving resources to adopting unique seasonal ceremonies.

Through "Tjuringa Talara," Brad invites viewers to delve into the spiritual and practical wisdom of Australia’s indigenous ancestors, celebrating their resilience and the timeless teachings they offer about living in sync with nature’s deepest pulses.

Colour Palette: Lilac, Purple, Umber, Peach, White, Beige, Fawn and Opal


Size 76cm x 50.6cm