Hello! I’m Brad, an Australian Indigenous artist from the Saltwater people of Bundjalung Country, a beautiful region spanning southeast Queensland and northeast New South Wales. My artistic journey began simply at our dining room table, where my daughter and I started exploring our heritage through art. From these humble beginnings, my work has grown, leading to collaborations with some of Australia’s most respected names and brands.

“Art for me is a powerful dialogue with my heritage. Each piece I create is a vibrant conduit that brings to life the rich stories, lands, waters, and people of my culture. My artworks are not just visual displays; they are narratives imbued with the wisdom and enduring traditions of the First Nations, designed to engage and inspire audiences across all backgrounds.”

The unique palette of my works—reflective of our culture’s vibrancy along with hope and positivity—was inspired by my personal journey of healing following a challenging period in my life. This transformative power of art is what I wish to share, serving both as a testament to cultural resilience and a source of personal and communal healing.

Beyond being a storyteller, I am deeply committed to giving back to my community. Through exhibitions and partnerships, I support First Nations organisations working towards innovative solutions in health, education, and employment. These collaborations provide practical support to the community that nurtures me.

Creating art also allows me to express my gratitude and respect for the country—its past, present, and future. It’s a way to honour the spirit of the land and its people, ensuring that our voices and stories are not just heard but felt and remembered.

I am grateful for the opportunity to use my art as a platform to celebrate and support the resilience and richness of the First Nations. Through vibrant colours and compelling narratives, I aim to contribute to a brighter, more inclusive future where our culture not only survives but thrives.
Thank you for taking the time to connect through my story. I hope my art moves you as much as it moves me!